Nebula - Theme for Google Chrome

Nebula by chromethemer

Get deep into purple space with nebula. This theme for Google Chrome is one of my first themes that I published in the web store and I love it. It's free to download and comes with lifetime updates.  

Nebula by chromethemer

it's free ...

Nebula Google Chrome Theme

Still one of my favorites, so don't expect any more changes any-time-soon.  I did that once and well ... Let's just say a few people tried to kill me when I changed the text from bright purple to white smoke a few years ago.

Nebula Google Theme

Anyway ... Nebula still remains one of my best themes in the web store and the "white text" is easier on the eyes, I think. The bright purple was just way too much.   

Nebula Chrome Theme

Nebula - by chromethemer
Nebula Google Theme  | Chrome Web Store
Always available in the web store ...

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